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The supporting Actor and Actress nominees included the two other co-stars in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - one of whom won the award:

His father turned and walked toward the far wall of the library, acting as if he’d said nothing particularly out of the ordinary. “We need her fortune to repair the Staffordshire estate and pay a few debts, or we’re going to lose it all, this townhouse included.”

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Without the thousands of tax-deductible dollars to spend on personal styling, it's unlikely that we can achieve such a startling transformation.

In the Kingdom Hearts games, she is also shown to be quite reckless when she doesn't get her way, as evidenced by her summoning an Unversed to kill Cinderella and Aqua, apparently neither being aware or even caring if the Unversed in question harms her or her daughters in the crossfire.

Boeing’s ubiquitous twin-jet joins the A320 as the McDonald’s and Burger King of jetliners: you see them everywhere and you inevitably find yourself sitting inside of one, but you just know there are better places to be. The later-generation 737s are especially unattractive. That’s what happens, maybe, when you’ve taken what was originally conceived as a short-haul regional plane and stretched and tweaked and pushed the thing into roles it was never envisioned for . Throw in those rams-horn style winglets, and the result is a sort of Frankenplane. Notice the harshly angled cockpit windows, unchanged from the days of the 707.

Ugly Duckling - Now Who's Laughin'Ugly Duckling - Now Who's Laughin'Ugly Duckling - Now Who's Laughin'Ugly Duckling - Now Who's Laughin'