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Using the 2011 tornado super outbreak in Alabama that claimed hundreds of lives and caused $ billion in damage as inspiration, the students created the SURVIV(AL) House concept based on three key elements: heat mitigation, severe weather security, and the capacity for “quick permanence.” The term “quick permanence” is used by the team to describe a structure that can be quickly rebuilt after a natural disaster, providing an energy-independent shelter that, although damaged, would still keep families safe as they rebuild.

Said UBC Professor Nemy Banthia, “The cement industry produces close to seven percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. By replacing nearly 70 percent of cement with fly ash, we can reduce the amount of cement used. This is quite an urgent requirement, as one tonne of cement production releases almost a tonne of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

Withstand - Light Of A New DayWithstand - Light Of A New DayWithstand - Light Of A New DayWithstand - Light Of A New Day